Bustopher Jones

busto4.jpg (21448 bytes) Okay... You know those people who are always the best dressed (and commonly overdressed) for every occasion? Well, that's Bustopher Jones, T.S. Eliot's Cat About Town. A large, rather round, middle-aged feline, Bustopher spares no expense when it comes to dressing (or eating, for that matter). He no commonplace mouser - he's got well-cut trousers, a coat of fastidious black, and he always wears his trademark white spats. If fact, he's known to the Jellicles as "The Brummel of Cats" (which, but the way, is a literary allusion on the part of T.S. Eliot, referring to Beau Brummel, a fictional character of Eliot's time who was a notoriously fancy dresser). Bustopher Jones spends much of his time in clubs and other areas of fine dining - there is little he seems to love more than food (I have suspicions that my brother may be Bustopher reincarnated :) In any case, the fact remains that Bustopher Jones simply loves to eat.
Bustopher is well liked and respected by all the Jellicles, but especially by Mistoffelees (Quaxo), who appears to be awed and captivated by him. It is rumored that perhaps Bustopher is Mistoffelees' uncle; mostly I think, because of their similar coloring. But whatever Bustopher's relation to Misto (if any) it's quite obvious that the Brummel of Cats has won the affections of the amorous Jennyanydots. She swoons at the end of Bustopher's song when he hands her the rose for his lapel, and she actually sings most of his song herself. busto3.jpg (28492 bytes)
Despite his popularity among the other Jellicles, the fact remains that the part of Bustopher Jones is, in reality, rather small. Actually, Bustopher's only time on stage is during his song. Because the stage time required to play Bustopher Jones so minimal, some companies have the actor play more than one part. The original Broadway cast actually had actor Stephan Hanan play the parts of both Bustopher Jones and Gus/Growltiger. Yet, no matter how little Bustopher is on stage, he is still well known - and well loved - as the one and only, "St. James' Street Cat."

In the above pictures Bustopher Jones is portrayed by James Barron.

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