The Train What more is there to say but that he is the Railway Cat?   He seems to take pride in the fact that passengers and conductor don't like the train to depart without him. Although he says he is somewhat of  an overseer, he seems to be a sort of rascal in his own way :) He never lets the train leave on time because he is always busy in the luggage van while everyone else is ready to go. In short, he thinks he runs the whole darn place :)
Skimble, as he is commonly called, participates avidly in his own song called "Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat," which is quite catchy in my opinion :) The chorus of the other cats is actually rather redundant, but it sounds really cool when their voices mix and do that nifty harmony thing :) Also, Skimble's facial expressions are absolutely adorable. This light brown tabby is bound to charm with his endless mirth. Checking the Passengers
Skimble's Face This character is present throughout the play, but he is not really noticeable until his song... In the video Geoffry Garratt was dubbed because Mr. Webber wanted Skimbleshanks to have a Scottish accent. All I say is: "Don't ask, don't tell..." :) However, this gives us one result... We neither know what he sounds like or looks like, cause I have never seen a photo of him without his makeup and I doubt that one exists *j/k* Yet it's kinda strange... However, you can hear Mr. Garratt's real voice in the very first song of the video where all the real voices were used... Yet, no matter what, I find him uncontrollably sweet and funny at the same time.  Finishing off, "He gives you a wave of his long brown tail, and says 'I'll see you again!'"


In the above pictures Skimbleshanks is portrayed by Geoffry Garratt.

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